Online School- Square’s complete transition

Moving forward amidst the pandemic:

It is undeniable how devastating this Pandemic has been and how it has affected Nigeria, especially with limited testing and our enormous population. It is safe to say that we don’t expect testing to reach optimum levels, anytime soon. The end of the year is optimistic, with around 200 million Nigerians. As a an organisation, a body of healthy people, we have to acknowledge the privilege and blessing we have to achieve something of this feet in such a short time period. We also have to thank our Technology and Progression Director, James, for sorting out our transition and training at lightening speed.

We are glad to announce that Square College has completed its full online transition. All our students resources, tests, metrics and classes have been moved completely online, all in one weekend. We have video and audio mass group calling on our teams platform using Microsoft 365, with content sharing, a class recording database and collaborative share points for student work, libraries and so on. It is so important to us that our students get all they need and more, whenever, wherever, even in this situation. We are also expanding this platform to other schools and students with our Open Lecture series as well.

Finally, we want to say thank you, to all of our parents who are supporting Square and our children to weather through this storm. We appreciate you, we love you and let’s keep moving forward, together.


Square College.