Student Life

Square’s Secondary and Alevel map. Going into secondary and leaving Square College, ready for life.


The Secondary and Alevel School curriculum is a combination of the British CIE and Edexcel curriculums, wider African culture and Nigerian Culture. Students at Square are encouraged to engage with a diverse range of ideas….

Year 7-9

With our Year 7 to 9 students, otherwise known as lower secondary school, we work on developing their interests. Students learn to engage with independent and guided study, as well as really taking the fun in learning and running with it.


The IGCSE exam, is the first major assessment of a students school career. At this point, independent study and increased project work alongside multiple assessments, test the many skills students develop at Square College.


Advanced Level qualifications are progression based subjects which aim to move students from secondary school based work to independent projects and study. Students studying A-levels, recognise the commitment and attention to detail, required to be successful.

Square College Robo Blocks

Machine learning, AI and robotics have become a fundamental aspect of human activity. Secondary students spend Saturday’s learning, building and developing robotic systems, using the Arduino Uno. They learn to think outside the box…

Young Entrepreneurs Club

The ideas of many, are the successes of few. At Square College, Secondary students are encouraged to look for new ways to solve problems, students leave ready for life, ready to make big decisions and ready to tackle the world. The Young Enterprise Club is an embodiment of that culture at Square.