Advanced Level qualifications are progression based subjects which aim to move students from secondary school based work to independant projects and study. Students studying A-levels, recognise the commitment and attention to detail, required to be successful.

Students engage with high level resources and are expected to independently produce analytical work, similar to university. Alevels is the penultimate assessment which primes students for progression into their chosen areas of study and eventually, careers.

The A-level route focuses on specialising on a few subjects closely related to what a student may want to study at university, playing to their strengths and interests. The increased subject focus, produces students who look at every angle, every method and every outcome.

Here’s an overview of the focus spread for Alevel classes.

Focus Spread

Quantitative and Qualitative
Communication and Collaboration
Self Study
Assessment Targets
Enrichment: EPQ, self development

Tutor Spotlight

Mr Solomon

Mr Solomon

Chemistry and Biology

Mr Dosunmu

Mr Dosunmu