The Secondary and Alevel School curriculum is a combination of the standardised and international CIE and Edexcel curriculums, wider African culture and Nigerian Culture. Students at Square are encouraged to engage with a diverse range of ideas, topics and contributions from around the world, as well as have access to resources, tailored to their academic and non-academic interests.

What are we teaching?


Square College uses two set international examination standards, Edexcel and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), which vigorously test the intellectual capability of it’s students. Chosen for their robust structure, students will find themselves adeptly challenged to bring out their potential. We use this extensive framework because of it’s proven international standard and acceptance in most regions around the world. It also means Square tutors are capable of handling most curriculums, whether that’s SAT’S, WAEC or the Canadian IB. We break this down below.

How it's taught


Engaging students with a multitude of learning cues, from physical actions and experiments to presentations and external trips. At Square we merge those cues with well thought out, relatable and modern examples, this allows a pace of learning that is unique to Square’s Secondary School students. Our teaching culture means that tutors are student focused, creating resources that apply to them as closely as possible.

21st century learning

Secondary and Alevel students can expect resource integration at the highest level, with our tutors on call either in class or outside class, during study periods. Secondary students will get their own 365 accounts, with a school email, drive, office and school resource centre. We continually develop, expand and create content that our students always have access to, whenever, wherever.

Our tutors come from many different backgrounds, have many different experiences, qualifications and teaching styles. At Square College, your child's learning experience is a melting pot of an incredible wealth of knowledge, technology and development.

Quality and attention

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This culture of learning isn’t something that was developed to as a spotlight on student life at Square College, instead everyone at Square is constantly improving. As a result, that knock on effect, pushes students and teachers alike to bring something fresh to the table each day. We successfully deliver a range of courses on a complex and demanding academic schedule by continually developing tutor skills, with training, performance feedback sessions and student academic targets. No one at Square College stops learning.

The 4 C's

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Aside from the proven technology and excellent teaching staff, we value and encourage the contribution that students make to each other in their learning process. Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking and Creativity lie at the centre of academic progression. Students are pushed to challenge ideas, teach each other and have conversations that ultimately lead to problem solving. Students at Square grow to navigate through anything thrown at them; Ready for life, ready for the future.

School-life balance

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Whilst learning and preparing for the big exams, it’s important that balance exists. At Square College, students enjoy the pastoral and experienced care of their tutors with leisure sports at our sports facilities a short walk away and recreational activities such as art, chess, robotics and more, with no academic demands. We think it’s important that our students mental, physical and social health is balanced.