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For the Leaders

Developing the leaders of tomorrow, requires a balance of soft skills and an academic understanding that puts the world in focus. At Square, we integrate our curriculum with engaging and thought provoking extra-curricular. Students learn to pin-point the fine details to excel in every aspect of their student careers.

For the World

Establishing confidence, creativity and collaboration has an extremely profound effect, on how students learn about the world around them. We use interactive resources like our share-points and student project spaces to drive inclusion, progression and achievement. Students at Square, seek out new experiences and learn from new ideas.

For the Future

From Year 7-13, the big questions like: What comes next after school? What sort of impact would I like to make? What do I enjoy doing? How am I going to do it? Are questions, that fundamentally shape the academic career of any student at any level. Our experience, resources and partnerships help students pave the way for change.