From school years to final exams, eventually onto university, students frequently find themselves moving from one point to another during their academic careers. Square College has a dedicated office to guide you on that journey. Have a look at the progression timeline below.

Moving up

Early Years

Moving up to secondary school for some can be a big change and for others just another day. Being a secondary only school, we make sure that our younger students feel just as included and present as the older ones.

Year 9

Students entering year 9, begin the next phase of their secondary school career, with a little less free time and more individual responsibility, year 9 students begin their journey towards higher education.


Students often recall year 10 and 11 as their best secondary years. Interests in sciences, literature and business begin to really develop at this stage. Square College encourages students to explore subject modules and read out of the curriculum.


As A-level students are entering adulthood, the reigns are slowly taken off and their learning and study time become their sole responsibility. No one will chase after you at university, this self management is something we teach students to value.


The American alternative to A-levels, when our students find their opportunities in the USA, it’s important that we equip them with the tools and qualifications to make the most of their time.

Summer program

Students in this program fall into a number of categories, holiday based revision sessions, or students whose exams are held in Oct/Nov, or students who are abroad and would like to take lessons over-the-web from our e-platform.

Education: Going Further

How it works:
  • Pathway
  • Goals

Our students have access to a placement office with over 15 years of experience. We meet with students to align their pathways with their career goals, find out what it takes to end up there and begin the process to the next level of their academic careers. Check the next tabs for a break down of the process.


Important information:
  • What requirements are to be met?
  • Time frame.

We maximise the course choice our students have by getting their bids in early. Understanding and fulfilling the necessary requirements to begin the application process is something Square College takes pride in.


What you need to know:
  • Certificate handling
  • Information requests
  • Medicals

Due to the red tape between countries, having a number of different certificates helps verify identity, age and state of origin. We also handle the aspect of “information request” some organisations require proof of no criminal activity, in order for the student to be accepted onto a course.


  • University
  • Pre and post departure support

With experience comes connections, Square college has facilitated many partnerships over the years, with institutions like the University of Chester, the University of East Anglia and so many more. Students are free to pick anywhere they want to study, we can handle it. Find out about all the universities we are partnered with, here.

We also handle the accommodation and departure of our students. From finding the most accessible places to live, being picked up from the airport and even having a guide.

We offer:
  • Visa processing
  • International documentation

A long time has been spent perfecting this aspect of the pathways process. We can guarantee that our students now and the students who are currently studying abroad can stand behind the delivery of this service by our expert office.


Drop us a line:

Go to our contact page and fill in the form if you’d like to know more. You can also directly call us or just pop in whenever you like. We are absolutely open to questions.


What would you study?

Come over to the office and you can have a chat with our careers advisor about your future.