Ms Ajiwole

Ms Ajewole

Head of Admin/Executive Assistant

If you need anything, this is the woman to ask. From managing school resources to business meetings and school outreach programs, she keeps the office ticking nicely.

Imasuen Solomon

Mr Solomon

Biology and Chemistry (Exam certified)

With a degree in Bio-Chemistry, Mr Solomon often has a scientific and logical approach to things. His proactive and flexible teaching style, allows him to keep reaching for excellence.

Jolaoluwa Fisayo Lawal

Ms Lawal

Design and Art

An established and commissioned artist, Ms Lawal is the gift that keeps giving. Adept in design and art theory, she offers a unique perspective to things like no one else.

Bello Sheriff Maths Tutor

Mr Bello


Is 1+1=0? What sort of mathematical proofs does Mr Bello have for his students this time. Avidly obsessed in how maths works, his expertise in the subject is something to be in awe of. Mr Bello is committed to guiding students in this maths ruled world.

Mr atanda

Mr Atanda

History, Sociology and Economics

Teaching a subject is a job enough, but at Square College, tutors like Mr Atanda aren’t rare. His attention to detail is remarkable. Having the energy and enthusiasm to deliver classes at such detail, is something our social science students look forward to.

Shasanya Opeoluwa

Ms Shasanya


“Je trouve le travail acharné est important.” You can find Ms Shasanya having fun conversing with her students in French. She readily supports students in their journey to fluency and confidence in speaking.

Arowosafe Raphael ICT Tutor

Mr Arowosafe

Computer Science (Exam certified)

Mr Arwosafe’s interests far surpass his subject of expertise, from robotics to space travel, his deep understanding of computers is just one part of his vast skillset. To get on his good side? Just randomly shout aloud, the difference between RAM and ROM.

Team reading the award message

Mr Olugbeko

Physics and further maths

Often contemplating how to best calculate the co-efficient of friction on a slope, Mr Olugbeko is dedicated to physics and the maths that supports it. He welcomes challenges, especially in solving problems and makes sure students understand

Isaac Ejakpovi Sci

Mr Ejakpovi

Geography and Biology

With profound interests that range from tectonic plates within the earth, to how certain pesty insects play a monumental role our ecosystem. Mr Ejakpovi is calm and collected and enjoys in-depth conversations about nature and why it’s so important to maintain it’s balance.