Welcome to Square

Square College is an Alevel sixth-form and secondary school. Offering A-levels, Foundation courses, SAT’s, IGCSE’s and much more! We have worked tirelessly to provide a well rounded sixth-form college, tasked with giving all our students all the tools they need to succeed in their A-levels, SAT’s and pre-university courses. I believe in independent, collaborative and resourceful learners, as students evidently move towards their futures, making their own decisions. You are welcomed to a centre for flexible, boundless learning and I can’t wait to meet you.


Solomon Imasuen

Head of School.

Communication, collaboration and critical thinking.

Being a student means

This is what you can look forward to.



Bring your own device. Get onto SC’s e-learning cloud network for books, notes, lessons and all your student resources.

24/7 Learning

Students can take advantage of our Microsoft 365 learning environment, whenever, wherever.


Pastoral care

Your tutors will give you the tips to become an “independent” learner. plan yourself, study yourself and test your self.


Focus group based

Small focus group taught lessons means that students get the most out of their time in the class. More focused attention yields better results.

Student Pathways

Some of the universities and colleges we work with, making sure students progress in the right direction.

We want you to take the next step.

Our students are taught to take on any challenge whether that is in the classroom or an experiment or abroad in a new environment. If studying abroad is something that you want to do, our experienced placement office can make it happen. Some of the steps we would handle and more!

  • Documentation and processing
  • Admission and offers
  • Exams and tests