For the Future

At Square College we develop brave leaders, deep thinkers and the decision makers of tomorrow. Students leave Square ready for life, ready for the world and ready for the future.

Driving Excellence

Students are motivated, excited and committed to becoming better every single day. You can expect Square College students to pursue their interests and excel at them.


It is Square College’s mission to inspire students to reach their potential, achieve their dreams and stand tall in today’s world.


Square is committed to inspiring our students to maximise their potential by providing them with a personalised 21st century educational experience!

We want our students to challenge themselves and enjoy the journey along the way.

High-Quality Curriculum.

We provide a world-class  curriculum from Year 7 (age 11+) to year 13 (17+). We deliver an International standard of education right here in Lagos, and our students go on to study all over the world.

Experienced and dedicated teachers.

Our teachers pride themselves in delivering the British curriculum and preparing students for IGCSE and A-level examinations.

Personalized Approach.

Personalized consultations and campus tours for our prospective students and parents. We will work with your child to met their specific learning requirements.

Your investment in your child guaranteed.

We understand amidst Nigeria’s economic crisis, every kobo counts. We are committed to going above and beyond for every single student at Square College. You can be rest assured you won’t need cents, pennies or euros to access our exceptional environment.


Square College is a Secondary and Sixth-form School, based in Lekki II. We offer the British curriculum to Year 7-13: Our online admissions are open.

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