Directors' Welcome

Square College is a co-educational sixth-form and secondary school. Offering A-levels, Foundation courses, SAT’s, IGCSE’s and much more! We have worked tirelessly to provide a well rounded sixth-form college, tasked with giving all our students all the tools they need to succeed in their A-levels, SAT’s and pre-university courses. I believe in independent, collaborative and resourceful learners, as students evidently move towards their futures, making their own decisions. You are welcomed to a centre for flexible, boundless learning and I can’t wait to meet you.


Mrs S.

Classes, courses and more

Course profiles, resource breakdowns and extra curricular.


21st Century Learning Re-imagined

Student Resources

Bringing ideas together


Chemical bonds, Ion lattices- let's do some chemistry!


Understanding the complex nature of language


Maths at Square College


Nature surrounds us

Economics and business

Where will the economy be in 5 years?

Communication, collaboration and critical thinking.

Being a student means

This is what you can look forward to.



Bring your own device. Get onto SC’s e-learning cloud network for books, notes, lessons and all your student resources.

24/7 Learning

Students can take advantage of our google classroom and moodle spaces. Our students have 24/7 access to whenever, wherever.


Pastoral care

Your tutors will give you the tips to become an “independent” learner. plan yourself, study yourself and test your self.


Focus group based

Small focus group taught lessons means that students get the most out of their time in the class. More focused attention yields better results.

Meet some of our Tutors.

Exam certified, hard-working and determined.

Imasuen Solomon

Mr Solomon

Teacher of Science

With a degree in Bio-Chemistry, Mr Solomon often has a scientific and logical approach to things. His proactive and flexible teaching style, allows him to keep reaching for excellence.

Shasanya Opeoluwa

Ms Shasanya

Teacher of Languages

“Je trouve le travail acharné est important.” You can find Ms Shasanya having fun conversing with her students in French. She readily supports students in their journey to fluency and confidence in speaking.

Arowosafe Raphael ICT Tutor

Mr Arowosofe

Teacher of Computer Science

Mr Arwosafe’s interests far surpass his subject of expertise, from robotics to space travel, his deep understanding of computers is just one part of his vast skillset.

Jolaoluwa Fisayo Lawal

Ms Lawal

Teacher of Art and Design

An established and commissioned artist, Ms Lawal is the gift that keeps giving. Adept in design and art theory, she offers a unique perspective to things like no one else.

Partner and progression program

Some of the partners we work with, making sure students progress in the right direction.

We want you to take the next step.

Our students are taught to take on any challenge whether that is in the classroom or an experiment or abroad in a new environment. If studying abroad is something that you want to do, our experienced placement office can make it happen. Some of the steps we would handle and more!

  • Documentation and processing
  • Admission and offers
  • Exams and tests