Open Lectures

With how COVID-19 affected the world, Square College is taking action for students whose academic plans have been disrupted by the coronavirus.

Launch: OL Series 1

We are working on connecting students with students across the globe who are walking various paths. Our very first Open Lecture was a conversation about studying Law and Finance. Ikepo who studied Culinary management in Florida then got her Masters in Business at QMU in London and Lorraine who studied Law at the University of Derby and is now finishing up her Masters of Law at the University of Cambridge. The video above is a small excerpt, a virtual library is being created. 

Into the Future

This series is intended to continue across the summer, where sessions will be held primarily on the weekend for free. Students will get the opportunity to:

  • Discuss with their specific study areas.
  • Get a hands on feel for what industry is like.
  • Ultimately learn something something new.

There are more things in the woodworks and be sure to check in for updates.

Check out the events page or click on the red button above to see if there is an Open Lecture coming up. All you need to do is put in the number of spaces you want, your name and email, to RSVP your space.

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