Young Enterprise Club

The ideas of many, are the successes of few. At Square College, Secondary students are encouraged to look for new ways to solve problems, students leave ready for life, ready to make big decisions and ready to tackle the world. The Young Enterprise Club is an embodiment of that culture at Square.

Inspiring Leaders

At Square, you never know what sorts of expressions, ideas and or interactions could create the next big step. The Young Enterprise Club (YEC) was created to channel these into conversations and development. Students are taught about business economics, meet with entrepreneurs and learn about the world of enterprise.

Ready For the Future

In the 21st Century, the pathways towards a students future are always growing. Getting students actively engaged with their futures, helps them to understand their present and reflect on their pasts. The Young Enterprise Club, challenges students to work on their habits, lifestyles and goals.

Teamwork, Dreamwork.

Students take pride in creating a cohesive atmosphere for teamwork to thrive. Group projects, presentations and research on industries that interest them, help to develop collaboration and communication skills which they can take into the work place.

Deep Thinking

Great stories began with a problem and how to solve it. Solving it, became the game of efficiency and ingenuity. This problem solving process can be otherwise called, "thinking about it". In a sense, that sounds very easy and quite achievable but in reality, it is often the most complicated part of any idea making process. Our students don't just don't discuss ideas, they critique, breakdown and re-iterate them.

Students engage with these tasks completely outside school work, but it wouldn't be further from the truth, if we said this commitment and attention to detail did not positively affect their academic life, because it does. Secondary School is different for everyone, but one thing reigns true, students develop the ability to learn for themselves. Our students don't just don't discuss ideas, they critique, breakdown and re-iterate them.