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Square College (SC) is looking for students who are able to independently explore content, question everything and remain actively involved in extra curricular opportunities. In other words, curiosity and enthusiasm!

Our Secondary School starts from Year 7 and ends at Year 11. During these years, we primarily teach the British curriculum and students will be expected to take exams such as CheckPoint and IGCSE. Year 12 to 13 is our sixth-form years, where students pick 4 A-level subjects and or SATs depending on their University choices.

Boarding School

Whilst the majority of our students are day schoolers, we do offer full and flexi boarding. We have 2 flagship boarding facilities, fitted with all the standard amenities, including a chef, high speed internet, near by in-estate parks and much more. It has accommodation for up to 25 students with 2 house masters and we are keen on accepting more for the 2021/22 academic year, make sure to fill in your boarding interest on the application form. We will accept Boarding students from Year 7 upwards and you can find out more information by getting in contact with us here.

Don't wait, forth-coming students can be registered at any age.

You can fill our form here. The registration fee is ₦13,000 Naira and must be supported with the documents listed below. (These can be scanned and sent to admissions@squareinstitute.com or delivered to our admissions office):

Required Documents:

  • Passport photograph
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Previous result or report card
  • Evidence of application fee payment

Post admission:

  • Medical + immunisation report

Boarding Allocation

Boarding spaces are always in demand and the admissions team try to make sure that all incoming students who have requested boarding facilities, get spaces. Please make sure to request this in the application form in order. You can have a virtual tour of our boarding house here.

When an incoming student is added to the boarding list, we consider current boarding configurations, siblings and relative locations.

We welcome visits and drop ins, as it's important to experience what makes Square College such a special learning environment but consider,

Please ensure you follow COVID-safe guidelines and safe-guarding rules. It is our utmost priority that we do everything we can, to ensure the safety of our students, staff and our visitors. The site is equipped with hand washing and sanitising stations. We also mandate that masks are worn at all times when visiting. We appreciate your collaboration and patience with us during this time!

In the return to normalcy, enjoy our description of standard visits.

On a normal school term, you can visit Monday to Friday. We encourage you to call and give a day’s notice so we can bring out the tea and biscuits! 

We serve Lunch too! This is accompanied with an informal chat about the prospective student or students with Mr Solomon, our Head of School.

Students may join a class and speak directly with our tutors and students. It’s an excellent opportunity to have trial life at Square.

Skillsets and Understanding

Prospective students will complete a short virtual pre-interview with a lead-teacher and will be tested on 3 core subjects; Maths, English and Science, at their respective entry year levels. The assessments will last an average of 50 minutes and the interview will be around 15 to 20 minutes. 

All of our entrance Exams will be held online for all prospective students, including during the dates listed below. We are closely following government and public health guidance, and will send an email update if anything should change. 

International prospectives who are applying non-physically, will be able to have both the interviews and entrance tests facilitated online.

Current Entrance Exam dates (subject to change):

Please call or email admissions, if you’d like to learn more about entrance exams, we will run them at request. 

Please get in touch, if your child is unable to sit for any of the dates listed above. We will facilitate entrance exams for them, at your convenience.

Who do you want to be?

We hold two interviews with the prospective and parent. The initial shorter interview will be an introduction into Square College and will touch on the student’s academic career till date. This is an informal chat and does not require any additional preparation.

After the entrance test

The prospective will complete a further comprehensive interview with the Head of School. This will cover topics like subject interests, learning types, an entrance test review and a general chat with the student. The prospective should attend the interview thinking about their ambitions and their long term goals.

Online admissions processing

For students who learn remotely because of location limitations and or the country they are based in. We facilitate the exams, interviews and application process completely online. Prospective students who are interested in remote learning, please email admissions@squareinstitute.com to book your virtual trial day on our live learning domain.

Remote learning?

Our remote learning platform is built on Microsoft 365 and specifically uses Teams for video, audio and resource sharing, all live. Prospective students will have access to teachers, friends and resources wherever, whenever. Please get in touch with our admissions office for more information, here.

After Summer Term, Within the term and Outside the term.

We offer a number of different tutorial classes, depending on the year schedule. These are usually very popular and a lot of students join us from north of a few hours a week during the holidays to comprehensive exam preparation, catch up or dedicated summer programs, before they head off to University. These can be at the school campus or via-the-web. If you are interested in getting your child on the program schedule, please fill in the form here.

Note*: We cover both the national (WAEC and JAMB) and the international (IGCSE, A-Level, IB, IELTS, and TOFEL) curriculum for tutorial students. However, due to government guidelines, we can only offer online tutorial classes for the time being.


Please get in touch with admissions here. You can also fill out our 2020/21 interactive entry form here and we aim to get back to you within the working day. You can also click on the Register now button above to take you to the interactive form. You can expect a direct call from our admissions office, an application form, a student pack and the Square Prospectus. We look forward to hearing from you. We encourage the use of our new “speak to us” button, where you can instant chat with the admissions office and quickly find out about Square’s enrolment.

Boarding House: Home away from home.

common room

Square’s state of the art boarding facility is located a few minutes away from School, nestled in a beautiful, serene and secure residential estate, in the nearby Lekki area. School bus transport is provided to and from:

  • School.
  • Swimming.
  • Basketball.
  • Chess at the Orchid.
  • Movies.
  • Outings and trips.

We have a boarding page, where you can see more of the space and furnishings here.

Moving around

School transport is available, and it serves the surrounding island areas of Lekki, VI and Ikoyi for the time being, with plans to expand routes over the next 6 months.

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with the admissions team if you have more questions, as this distance is not completely strict. You can find out more information on whether you fall into the pick up area by getting in contact with us here.

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