Robo Blocks

Machine learning, AI and robotics have become a fundamental aspect of human activity. Secondary students spend Saturday's learning, building and developing robotic systems, using the Arduino Uno. They learn to think outside the box, engineer solutions and take a technical approach to design.


From the basic resistor circuit to a potential divider or a voltage controller. SC Robo Blocks covers the fundamentals of electronic design and control. Students are equipped with the skills to diagnose and produce electronic solutions to electronic problems.


Beyond the physical build of a robot, students learn to design the aesthetic attributes, define the user experience and understand how it would be manufactured. Discussing, collaborating and deciding, is at the heart of our Robo blocks team.



We believe in the spirit of competition. It pushes the boundaries of ideas, forces teams to innovate and creates a fun and exciting atmosphere. Students will be expected to take the lead on projects, designs and prototype parts for their designs.