Student Resources

Bringing ideas together

Having a broad range of amenities allows students to enjoy a balanced and healthy level of interest in to learning and themselves. We’ve found that investing in happy and relaxed students is core to making or breaking their school careers.

We have spent and are still spending time looking for and creating new experiences for our students.

Some of the organisations we’ve worked with how shown positive results in the confidence, collaboration and thought process in our students.

We definitely think it has been worthwhile to work with Ivory club, Toast Masters Gavel club and our weekly reading groups. Have a peak below.

Toast Masters

Students learn to speak publicly, debate hot topics and understand what it means to present information.


Currently in expansion and implementation, Square students have access to all their academic resources, anywhere anytime.

Sports (Ivory Club)

We’re working with Ivory club to provide, basketball, tennis, badminton and swimming for our students.