Frequently Asked Questions

Square College teaches students from Year 7 to Year 13 (post-primary to pre-university). We also have an extremely experienced pathway’s team, who you can get in contact with in case your child would like to study abroad or go to university/college.

It’s the practical approach to teaching and learning paired with its forgiving flexibility. We teach junior students world Geography and History with particular leaning on West African and Nigerian Geography and History. In year 10, students have matured to a point in where they have developed interests in certain subjects, and therefore have the option to choose what they’d like to study, even if they change their mind later down the line, A-levels cater for that change.

We offer only one curriculum that offers added value and is recognised Globally. It allows our students to think critically and apply what they are learning to their everyday lives, to compete and live independently, in the 21st century.

Yes! But this option is only provided bar the student in question passes a number of vigorous assessments. It’s not about it not being possible, it’s about knowing you can handle it.

Our payment system follows an all-in-one module, with school food being an exception due to dietary requirements, allergies etc.

Basic payment breakdown:

One payment in September, then termly or in instalments as agreed.

There are many things students tend to do in their summers, travel, get an internship or like one of our recent students who wanted to pick up a language by staying in Europe for the summer. We can facilitate that whole process.

We offer these programmes, namely:

  • Gap-year programmes
  • Language exposition
  • Summer exam prep (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT’s and A-levels)
  • Over-the-web tutoring if said student is abroad.