The IGCSE exam, is the first major assessment of a students school career. At this point, independent study and increased project work alongside multiple assessments, test the many skills students develop at Square College.

The IGCSE curriculum is designed to push students to come up with new ideas and use resources extensively. This analytical aspect, helps to develop a deeper understanding of a concept and gives way for students to communicate, collaborate and create.

Students are involved with experiments directly. They are taught to develop a hypothesis, create experimental conditions and explain the results. Students enjoy this level of engagement and application, amongst other activities that come with taking IGCSE exams.

Here’s an overview of the focus spread for IGCSE classes.

Focus Spread

Quantitative and Qualitative
Communication and Collaboration
Self Study
Assessment Targets

Tutor Spotlight

Mr Dosunmu

Mr Dosunmu


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Mr Oluronbi