Year 7-9

With our Year 7 to 9 students, otherwise known as lower secondary school, we work on developing their interests. Students learn to engage with independent and guided study, as well as really taking the fun in learning and running with it.

Students enjoy a variety of subjects, including art, design, languages, scratch game programming and much more. There isn’t such an emphasis on assessment but more focus towards understanding, critical understanding and just learning to have fun learning!

Students are involved with a number of extra curricular activities, such as swimming, Chess supported by the Nigerian Chess federation, excursions and so much more! These are the important formative years and we make sure that they are memorable and fun!

Upon reaching Year 9, students are afforded the opportunity to sit the Checkpoint or Mini SAT exams. Here’s an overview of the focus spread.

Focus Spread

Quantitative and Qualitative
Communication and Collaboration
Self Study
Assessment Targets

Tutor Spotlight

Mr Michael

Mr Micheal

English Language and Literature

Miss Debbie

Miss Deborah


Mr Bello

Mr Bello

Mathematics and physics