Who we are

Founded in 2016 we are a niche co-educational A-level and secondary day and boarding school, bringing innovation and educational technology into the classroom. Our students collaborate, think critically and learn to enjoy their time at school. We started out as an educational consultancy that noticed a trend amongst the numerous students and organisations we worked with.

The increasing standard that comes with pathway certifications and further education, with insufficient advice, wrong qualifications and really a general lack of direction, a lot of work and time was put into setting things right. We’re taking our experience and connections and giving a new perspective on how to teach, how to learn and how to progress.

It took 15 years of gathering and building reputable educational connections with organisations overseas. It has allowed us to learn and share educational values, structures and processes to bring a 360 degree learning experience that will be fresh and different but fundamentally deliver results. We have students all over the world and we can’t wait to do more.

Here are some of Square College’s long term goals we take pride in transparency and progress, so we are openly showing how far we’ve come since opening in 2016.

Where are we?

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Behind the Scenes

Mrs Somorin

Mrs M Somorin

Co-Chair/Director of Education

With two degrees, One in international Diplomacy law from the University of Leeds and History from the University of Ife. After running a small law firm, Mrs M entered the education industry as a consultant just short of 17 years ago. Her knowledge, experience and passion for learning, supports and funds this dream. She believes that working smart, being prayerful and patient, is the recipe to make things happen.

Mr Solomon

Mr Solomon Imasuen

Head Of School

Mr Somorin believes that progress comes with “giving students a helping hand, so they can help others“. With degrees in Science, if Mr Solomon isn’t running around making sure every student gets the best out of their time with Square, he can be found teaching Biology or Chemistry and wondering what crazy experiment to run next.